Norton Hammer week 7: Societal and environmental evolution Part 2

The scenario’s I was working on in week 6 have now led me to mapping out this new world in which both ideas coalesce and I’m doing this at A0 with multiple tracing paper overlays that indicate developments on site through time.


To begin I’ve started with the existing and indicated areas that will be developed as their current use is either becoming obsolete in this timeline or is required for later usage. To point out the banks of the river will be cleared of knotweed and other invasive species and waste to help the biodiversity in the area. The Garage and Bryta works that are heavily based around car repair and sale will eventually be without use in this scenario and could easily gain another use through modification. The river is highlighted as in this world localism of production and people makes water sources very valuable especially ones that are unpolluted and clean which is why one of the first steps in the coming years will be to clean it.


Stage 1 2020-2030: The effects of climate change and fuel shortages begin to take effect, private transport like cars begin to dwindle leaving the roads largely abandoned except for public transport. Flooding and extreme temperatures are becoming more common leading to food shortages which has a knock on effect of many garden city projects appearing. Industry begins to slow as energy is prioritised and massive investment goes into green and alternative energies

So what you can see in the image above is the parking areas once full with cars are becoming gardens and green spaces as disuse gives nature the chance to reclaim, bridges and walkways begin to connect the site as the local community and businesses begin to work together as a self-sustaining community. Plans are being drawn up to create a transport hub over the old railway line as due to fuel prioritisation less important lines are being closed, these plans will connect the outer sheaf valley to central Sheffield through a bike highway with intermittent hubs that house markets and small councils for the surrounding area.



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