Glass Houses

article-0-14680773000005dc-368_964x569Born with an innate compassion,
We spend childhood beating it out.
Learning money & self are god,
And tradition is paramount.

It doesn’t matter what suffers,
Might makes the right to malign.
But we are all disconnected,
Unknown blinkers keep us inline.

Most of us quite naturally say,
“I love animals and their abuse is barbarian”.
But if slaughter houses had glass walls,
we would all go quickly Vegetarian.

So take those blinkers off,
Reignite that compassion,
Do your best to do the least harm,
To animals, humans & planet in fashion.

The easiest thing for thee?
Go meat, egg & dairy free!

Barcroft Media (2012). Carlo Santambrogio’s Glass House, Image retrieved from


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