Jacqui Fink



Following my posts on pastimes / hobbies and also into the use of pipes and the limits of their use. In researching hobbies and pastimes that may not seem as the most popular or are unusual, I came across some that included extreme dog grooming, extreme ironing, egg-shell carving and extreme knitting.

Extreme dog-grooming involves not only the cutting and cleaning of a dog’s coat but actually transforms dogs into looking like other animals or characters such as a camel or Yoda.

Extreme ironing requires one to lug the ironing board, iron and garment during activities such as sky-diving or rock climbing. Some have  managed to iron their work shirts at great heights.

I guess these pastimes have ultimately taken what is typically a dull task or chore and turned them into exciting challenges. One I was particularly drawn to was extreme knitting.

Jacqui Fink now has her own website (http://www.littledandelion.com/) where she talks about how she started extreme knitting and showcases her work. Her unique knitting needles are hand-made and constructed by her father, who carefully hand-turns wood to form the tip of the needle head which he then fastens to a sized PVC piece of plumbing pipe to create the giant knitting needles.


I wondered how more pastimes could be expressed or celebrated in my scenario. I wondered if the tools and the skills of Robert Sorby could be brought out / shared to bring in the art of giant knitting. Aiding Jacqui Fink’s father in his work and also showing others how they can form their own needles and then be exposed to the growing world of extreme knitting.Where and how could this happen?


Jacqui Fink also talks about the after care for her giant needles, using beeswax to make them water-resistant. She also talks about how to repair the needle heads when the get damaged or scratched with use over time, suggesting to carefully sand the surface then re-apply beeswax. However, she does comment that she feels the marks are special, saying “the scratches are a badge of honour and I leave them”. This  made me think that there can also be a beauty in the used, the worn – which can also sometime be neglected or seen as ugly.

Jacqui Fink Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jacquifink/?hl=en

Jacqui Fink Website:http://www.littledandelion.com/knitting-needles/


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