Construction of Noise Barrier


The addition of a noise barrier along the railway will provide noise protection for the industrial and housing areas on the East but will also prevent sound from the industrial areas travelling to the housing areas on the West. The reduction of noise from the railway will allow for the creation of communal landscape areas for people to relax and socialise without disturbance from the trains. Modified acrylic sheets were chosen for the construction of the barrier for a number of reasons: Acrylic barrier allows approximately 92% light transmission, so it not only reflects traffic noise but also harmoniously blends into the surroundings, while being 50% lighter than glass. It is also cheaper and much easier to transport to site and contrary to glass has very high impact resistance. Like aluminum, acrylic has a hardened surface and can bear graffiti and scratching. It can be exposed to all weather conditions and sunlight for over a decade and still maintain its clarity. It can be easily processed which allows for easy cutting and drilling and is also widely recyclable which makes it environmentally friendly. Acrylic reinforced sheets with embedded polyamide threads not only provide better impact resistance but also provide protection for birds, as they make the material easily identifiable.



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