Traffic Congestion – Parking Spaces


A short walk around the site almost immediately reveals one of the greatest problems of the area: the congestion of cars and lack of parking spaces. These are caused by a number of reasons, including the limited working spaces which lead to many parking restrictions, the impersonality often encountered in the industry environment and the lack of will to have human interaction and share cars, and the insufficiency of adequate bicycle and pedestrian routes, as well as the existence of narrow and poor quality streets.

The large number of cars parked or moving in the area are a large obstacle in forming a tighter community and stronger relationships between the residents, employees and visitors in the area.


The problems discussed above lead to the unwillingness of many cyclists and pedestrians to use the road network at the site, as it can be very unsafe. The infrastructure for bicycles is ludicrous and a pink circle with a faded image of a bicycle apparently creates a safe cycle route.


The conditions on the North of the site, just a few dozen meters further, are completely different. The commercial buildings have massive parking spaces which are almost always mostly unused and there are many empty plots of land. Considering the short distance between the two areas, it is very surprising to see that the problems of limited parking spaces and traffic congestion are almost non-existent in the areas shown above.


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