A repeat of 2007?

In 2007, Sheffield was hit by some of its most destructive flooding in memory, dubbed by some as “The Great Sheffield Floods”. [1] This summer, the council announced plans to develop greater floodplains, using parks across the city, so that Sheffield would be protected from flooding. [2] At the start of September, Sheffield City Council won funding from the national government to put these plans into action. [3][4]

The Norton Hammer area of the River Sheaf, is an area considered to be at a relatively low-risk of flooding (Low for River flooding, Medium for surface run-off flooding)[5], however today’s weather has thrown that into question, with the environment Agency announcing at 5:30pm that resident and businesses in Norton Hammer should be prepared for the Sheaf to flood. [6] Below is a video I filmed outside the Mini Works which has definitely brought the issue of flood risk back to the forefront of my mind.

The councils strategy outlines a number of plans and ideas for the area, including using Millhouses park as a vast floodplain to protect the city. http://www.floodprotectionsheffield.com/pages/sheaf-catchment-options


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