Somewhere only we know


The same people who will be inside these spaces, viewing the outside world through privacy, through the lens of the Auckley Road ort.

Walking past the entrances, they see through the trees into a space that holds something magical, something that can feel like it draws you in and wants you explore the cliff, feel the pieces of brick and stone underfoot, hidden by the fallen leaves that squelch when trodden on, it wants you to feel the contours and see from different heights. The space invites you to dare each other to use the rope swing, or meander your way up the cliff side to prove that you own the whole hidden world.

It’s these invitations from the space that lead you into further investigation and rigorous exploration of the space. If you are uninterested in mystery, it is a hole in some trees that will be sludgy and a waste of time. To others, it is somewhere to explore, somewhere to have to yourself, somewhere to occupy, and somewhere only we know.


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