Somewhere they don’t know


Certain things in this world take you away. It could be finding that perfect piece of music that fits the exact situation and makes you feel like you could take over the world. It could be a view that knocks the air out of you. It could be a scent that reminds you of a time where you were the happiest you can remember being. Or, it could be an escape: a space where you and your friends can go, be away from the world for five minutes or five hours. A place where you can talk, kiss, laugh, drink, sit with your pet, smoke with your friend.

The corner of Auckley Road has this quality. From the outside it appears like nothing to the uninterested eye; some leftover space that would be a decent spot for a few houses. To the few people that use it, it is their escape from the mundanity of the everyday. You get a perception of Norton Hammer that you cannot achieve from any other space; you feel like you’re hidden, yet you can see the whole world outside. It’s somewhere they don’t know, and somewhere where we can go, and every now and again… this can have a feeling close to something sublime.


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