What do you see?


My scenario involves perception; perception of ownership, the relationship between an individual and a material, and (however broad a phrase), the perception of space.

I asked 4 family members to tell me what the image was of and to write down 5 words/phrases that summarised how they responded to the images. The differences were pretty varied, with some thinking the brick path ruined the natural beauty of the woods, whilst some thought it would be better served as a car parking area. Some thought the brick was sharp, crisp and strong, whilst others saw it as outdated and rough.

The issue with this particular exercise is the limited sample size and, to a point, the method: It would be furthered by asking  a wider age range and those with differing situations (family etc.) and perhaps not being shown images on a screen, but having physical examples of the spaces and materials.

I’m forever finding myself fascinating with peoples’ use of language and linguistics, and what this reveals about their true feelings. The differences in people’s initial response to spatial and material images are intriguing, and these findings will add another layer to my scenario and feed my design thinking.

This method could also be used as a method of participation perhaps? A sort of ‘blind’ response that eventual leads to a response regarding a concept in context?




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