Hacking the River


image of walkway.jpg

My scenario is based primarily on the ideas of hacking, making, crafting, modifying-repairing and subverting the use. The images above illustrate the current walkway at Centenary Works and the proposed walkway and its location, as well as some acts of hacking the area and the river. Simple hacks such as repairing the existing retaining wall of the river, re-painting the pipework and repairing and re-painting the window frames can change the image of the area significantly and create a friendlier, more welcoming atmosphere. The repair and extension of the existing walkway and the addition of bridges and staircases leading to different parts of the area aim to connect different areas of the site for the users as well as visitors. The existing walkways appear sporadically on some of the buildings of Centenary Works and some of them are even guarded with locked steel mesh gates, aluminum panels and barbed wire to prevent anyone apart from the owners to enter, which can create tensions. The construction of a walkway connecting the spaces will create a stronger sense of ownership of the area as a whole, as part of a community, rather than individuals and a space to relax and enjoy the smell of the river and view of the landscape.



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