1-50 Tests

Carrying on from my post ‘unlikely hosts’. I tried to explore further the drawings that experimented with how space could be outlined and pushed into squeezed, restricted or hidden places. So far I have created two 1-50 sketch models from the ‘unlikely host’ post and attempted to transform the drawings into a 3d test.


  1. Centenary Works Spot


Experimenting with copper wire (which is approximately the same width as a drain pipe, 110mm, at scale 1-50) to start testing twists and turns to create space and try to start taking note of the existing details and structures. For example ‘hooking’ onto and using the 1.2m brick wall, that separates this spot from the river, as a host to form an edge that could be used to support a dancer or seat an observer.


2. Dance School / Bryta works Spot


This spot is very narrow, and so I took the formation up and allowing it to stretch out and away from its feet, which takes on structures that are more contracted and compact. I also tried to introduce a ‘softer’ material, string, which I hardened with glue and allowed it to interrupt the Bryta Works wall. I did this because I feel that the materiality could incorporate both hard, cold and strong materials that require more violence in their joining and forming, with a contrast of delicate materials, soft fabrics or ropes or a sheet of cloth. I wondered if this could visually play with the idea of the ‘Dance of the Operculist’ where beauty and ugly ‘dance’ with each other in this intervention.

The sketch models photographed here require further testing: looking into how materials connect and how the space created can or could be used and by who. What will this space actually offer?


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