Spot Test

EntranceView_small space test.jpg

Continuing my thoughts from the ‘unlikely hosts’, I wanted to test how I might begin to experiment with pushing the boundaries of this particular spot.

This spot is near one of the entrances to the area and I thought that if there was to be a scattering of interventions, rather than a single one, that having one near the main road would be a way of drawing attention to people passing. Almost like a hint or indication that something is happening over here. I looked at what already exists like the broken stairs and how this could be re-directed, coupled or attached to the structure. The dotted lines mark the immediate boundaries that form this spot and for now, I limited the intervention within this territory created. With themes of ‘celebrating the ordinary’ in mind, often revealing a hidden beauty in seemingly dull things, I thought about the seemingly ordinary elements of the structure maybe continuing to surprise by having secondary functions – pipe work of the edges or handrails becoming a source of light at night. These are all early ideas and tests only.


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