DaDA-Praxis 1


Part of my Praxis 1 essay is how architecture for refugees is an example of design as distributed agency, where groups of people, organisations and individuals work together, share ideas, design and build shelters and settlements for refugees after they are forced to relocate. This section of the essay is closely related to my scenario which focuses on a group of actors that make interventions in the site to form a tighter community. The sketches above were created on a similar basis to the sketches in my previous post that shows the people involved in the scenario and how this is implemented. The first sketch illustrates the current condition, where all actors are working towards the common goal of achieving the construction of refugee settlement after a crisis, but they severity of the crisis and the need for immediate action sometimes leads to lack of communication or misunderstandings. The second sketch shows how by adding architects to the equation, they can manage all the parties in the project and allow them to engage in broader conversations which can then lead to more successful results. The last diagram illustrates how all of them could engage and communicate to act towards their common objective.


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