A model for progression

I was struggling to visualise my site in terms of graphics. So, applying largely site knowledge and additional information from a scale from a digimaps image, I created a sketchy 1:200 model to use as a basis to work into and record developments.


Fig1: Concept sketch for the model. Because of the level changes of the site I wanted to be able to visualise the end product before I began cutting the mode material.


Fig2: The underlay stage: foam board cut into rough contours that I have estimated through site experience; mainly struggling to climb up the incredibly steep face of the cliff.


Fig3: A plasticine layer was applied to cover the contours. This allows for easy manipulation and a slightly more realistic finish. It also allows photographs to be more easily manipulated in a digital form.


Fig4: Again, estimations gave the basis for the tree size and placements, based on photographs and memory. Even from this early attempt at tree mapping, you can located bushes, tree lines and clusters and where the more open spaces are within the ort.

I hope to use this model as a basis for a multitude of works and to provide a sense of perspective that a plan view and section cut cannot necessarily achieve.


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