“Less Sharpness; More Room to Dream”


After the last post, I almost immediately went to site to begin exploring ideas of collecting footage as a way in which to generate ideas and narratives. Initially, I had devised this kind of working method as complimentary avenue of thought to my existing scenario development, in the continuing pursuit of structuring the project through storyboarding – as well as getting to grips with editing software’s and processes.

After my first “shoot” [kind of, but not really] I started editing some clips together as a way in which to find, and then subsequently structure, a narrative thread running through it.


[1.] Initial Tests Became Moody In Utilising Captured Sounds on Site.

It ended up being more atmospheric and moody [as well as cringeworthy 1.] rather than presenting a solid story structure, pulling together the visuals and the sound; both of which are from an iPhone 5S camera and microphone used at night..However, in response to this initial test, I purchased some dirt-cheap lenses [a Fisheye, Wide-angle and a Macro] and a little tripod to begin to determine whether these adjustments to the process of filming could allow me to explore the site and its physical details in different ‘filmic’ ways.

Investigative Test #2 [Focus].jpg

[2.] Landscaping Shot Deeply out of Focus [Macro Lens] Became Disorienting in Motion.

The Wide-angle lens had originally been most interesting and motivated me to buy the set, however once I had arrived on site – this time early in the morning, so I could actually see – I began using the out of focus Macro lens in order to capture the grainy surfaces of smooth objects, as well as wider blurred shots of scenery [2/3.].

Investigative Test #2 [Texture & Noise].jpg

[3.] Macro Lens Images of Textured Surfaces.


From beginning to get close to and paying attention to smaller surface and textured details of the site, I also began to think about how small inflections of movements and interactions of the characters within their physical environments could potentially inform an intervention, to some degree.

This began to manifest within a storyboarded sequence of someone squeezing the bottom of their coat in anticipation of meeting another character [4.], although this sits apart somewhat from the physical site environment.

I would like to explore how these almost minute reactions can begin to portray or imply feelings towards particular areas of the site, borne from either direct observations during conversations or from smaller, fictional situations that can progress the scenarios narrative further. I feel that this could subsequently begin to inform the eventual intervention, through textual and material choices as well as the scale of particular spaces and activities. It sounds vague because it feels vague!

Macro Lens Visual.jpg

[4.] Storyboarded Visuals of Utilising the Macro Lens in Documenting Reactions?


I want to invest in more equipment to push these small investigations further, in collecting footage of the site and editing it together, although I also feel that pushing the analysis of these investigations could begin to inform and affect the storyboarding process, as to prevent it from becoming too stagnated – which I fear it might very soon!


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