Prelude: diary of the last bryta works mechanic.

Diary entry #1 – 3rd may 2024

Well it’s starting the petrol stations are starting to close down, God knows where I’m guna fill up now, suppose we have seen this coming for a while. Only way I’m going to be able to afford petrol is if I take on more people with the car share…. grand more people to drive the mileage up, last of my worries really I’m lucky to still have a car at all. The buses are packed though and I can’t stand being wedged in between crowds of people, I heard they were looking into solving that though some sort of bike link or something. Who knows could be a while off yet and with the food shortages I’ll be lucky to see it at all, doesn’t pay well being a mechanic now. We’re a dime a dozen. They’re laying people of weekly now, Bryta works ain’t what it used to be, I’ll have to look into gettin In at bus company, at rate those buses break down there should be jobs a plenty.

Will get my bike out tomorrow and cycle down to the depo, it’s a bit rusted and heavy but it’ll do for now. Will look into gettin a new one before everyone clears the shelves, like everything else.


Diary entry # 78 15th June 2032

Well it’s been a hard few years and now I look back i had it good when I was a kid, life was easy and the world ran like clockwork. Now everything is a struggle since the fall of fossil fuels everything has to be done manually and locally, no more nipping to the supermarket in your flash new car, no more supermarket full stop. If you can’t grow it or have nothing to barter with you don’t have it. Good thing I developed a green thumb after being let go, damned bus company. Then again can’t fix buses that ain’t got nothing to run on now can I.

Another meeting tonight people are getting worried, lack of governance is becoming a problem. Theft, murder and anarchy erupt on the trigger of a hair nowadays, police being part of the problem too taking liberties with there position. Damned politicians still holding onto the old world’s notions of power, we need it locally not handed down from London via the Sheffield city centre. Slow, inefficient and riddled in corruption.



I intended to carry on this diary adding at least two new entries a week following on from entry #1 up until the 2050 entry. By this point I will have documented the life of this unnamed mechanic throughout the proposed time line of my scenario and laid out fully the effects and knock-on effects of my scenario.



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