Enabling Distributed Agency

esa-model‘Design and Distributed agency’ could be seen as a way to include a wider audience throughout the design phase to enable the best space for the that audience and the rest of the future users. The traditional design process is often a linear in which a variety of professionals design a space for clients. Often there a variety of motivations, not aligned with the social aspects affected by the projects. An alternative method of ‘design by distributed agency’ which allows groups to tailor projects to suit there requirement, which focuses on the needs of the given community appose to the individual developer. There can then be a change of emphasis towards social goals, moving away from the traditional economic drivers found in a majority of schemes.

East Street Arts(ESA) has enabled a variety of art communities to gain power against traditional methods by listening to what they require as a group, rather than providing them with pre determined spaces to rent. By taking this approach ESA can act as a intermediate agent using a wide range of knowledge about the field to help listen to requirements of an often subdued community. An important aspect taken away for the visit to ESA is the vast involvement within the local areas including politics, funding streams, group management, planning and management all to enable a sustainable communities.


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