Dissolving Hierarchy

Jeremy Till.jpg

[This isn’t really an image. I’ve cheated a bit – sorry]. 

I feel that a part of the idea of distributed agency acts, in some ways, toward an encouragement of the rearrangement and challenge of the role of the architect within the design process; whilst subsequently reassessing, or at least questioning its social significance. Through the suggestion of shifts within traditional ‘power dynamics’, releasing an architect from within the hierarchy of a conventionally conceived design process, it begins to afford a level of demystification of architectural practice with a greater sense of accessibility.


What I have been most occupied with however (I think), in regards to working under the banner of Design as Distributed Agency, is the plasticity of agency as an idea and what it can afford an understanding of it. With an opportune absence of stricture in how it can be perceived, how agency is understood could begin to expand well beyond ideas of the table that mediates between architect, developers and people. Agency could be the more than the traditionally unheard given a chance to have their voice made material. Agency could be understood to lay as dormant potential within the unconscious, behind and in between words, and the distribution of this understanding of agency amongst a dissolved hierarchy of design, could yield interesting spatial interventions and techniques. We just need to be able to read it?


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