Design as a Distributed Agency


My definition of design as a distributed agency, which I may add is still developing Is currently at the place in my understanding that for me DaDa is the strategic design of a network and its presences in the language of physical form.

I have recently found myself focusing largely on what I call the ‘social’ and design of the strategic structure, which I feel is of great importance when making and designing a network between distributed agencies.

This for me is because the strategic design of the distributed agency can be used to create a codependent structure without hierarchy in which each actor or agent is as important as the other. I believe this is important in making a sustainable structure that requires each actor or agent’s participation to maintain and sustain its structure giving the roles of all involved greater importance.

East Street Arts resonated with me for this reason as their projects were made with the aim to be self-sustaining after the involvement of its founders, which I feel the Architect can resemble in their role.

The Architects role within DaDa will be that of an interim role developing a network and encapsulating this in a physical form or presence, which reflects the values of the actors, and agent’s involved. Similarity can also be drawn from East Street Arts within its approach to design as a distributed agency identifying the individuality of actors and agencies linked by East Streets via their skills and expertise.

I believe that for actors and agents to participate in design there must be an exchange in which design utilises the skills and expertise of those involved in a network but also responds to the needs of those involved.


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