Zoe, dance teacher at dance school, 31 years old with two young daughters ages 5 and 7 years. Dance school is located in Nursery works. She drives to Norton Hammer with dance gear, arrives normally from the north of Little London Road. Zoe is thinking about what the next steps could be to make a ‘happening’ happen and spots an opportunity.

“I am trying to initiate the first steps towards making use of the initial four spots selected for conducting future ‘happenings’. I don’t know how much starting and getting an idea like this in motion could cost, but I thought about how maybe other places in our Norton Hammer might be interested. I think there might be an opportunity to pull at a few resources and people here to hopefully promote awareness and more importantly capture others imagination. I’ve seen the four billboards at the Woodseats bridge, I would like to know how we could get something up there but the boards themselves are a bit drabby.”

“Me and the school have got a few embriored pieces done at the embroiders next to us, and Robert Sorby might be able to give us some ideas on maybe making billboards of our own. The fabric signs could be taken down and reused perhaps. It would be good if we could get use out of one or some of the boards at the Woodseats bridge, a lot of people pass that all day. We could make something that stood out. Maybe Sorby or the embroiderer could rotate in and use them to show themselves off too.”

“They could be quite beautiful things. I’m hoping they might create some intrigue with the others, particularly the companies or the locals in Norton Hammer, this could lead to funding. I want them to look special, even if they end up being taken down.”

“I don’t know if we can just put boards like this up ourselves, I’ll probably speak to the landlord first and see what the guys near the other spots say and take it from there. I know the climbing works might be interested in having something like this outside, they’d be happy if it meant less cars in the courtyard. You get a free tea if you bus to them. Maybe I could get some take away cup sleeves made up to pop on their drinks, people could bring them and use them as their invitation to a dance show or event, maybe get a free drink with it when they hand them back in. Though with so many cars it could be useful to offer people little printed rear mirror air fresheners. I like the cup sleeve. It’s something to think about.”

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