Mastersvo + The Mind // Interim Review


Mastersvo and The Mind is a fictional project involving a charity called SYPS (Supporting Young People in Sheffield). SYPS is a mental health charity for young people aged 15-25. They need to find new premises because their current drop-in centre is within a building which is soon going to be developed into flats.

The creative manager goes to the gym in Centenary works and sees the potential of Norton Hammer as the location for the new drop-in centre. Their are lots of creative businesses in Norton Hammer, and rich and varied skill sets which she thinks the young people could benefit from if they were given the opportunities to collaborate (the benefits of mastering specific crafts were covered in my semester 1 review and are outlined within my portfolio).

The design process begins with a series of workshops led by the Architect (myself), with the group of young people people and a member of SYPS staff. The workshops tie together these actors with the masters of craft within Norton Hammer and the surrounding area.


The October series of workshops act as an equivalent to the survey stage – beginning with a street photography workshop, followed by a session at Bird and Bee where the young people turn their favourite photos of Norton Hammer into prints using traditional printing methods. These finished prints are then used as rewards on the project’s crowd funding page.

They then have a tour around Robert Sorby, and finally, most importantly, they participate in a smell walk around Norton Hammer using maps and forms to record their findings.

The group then come back together to rate the odours positive to negative based on majority opinion.

smell scale

My next drawing shows a collection of conversations where the group are developing the brief. They discuss what they like and dislike, and then, inspired by their smell workshop, come up with several physical interventions which they think would improve the site.


The group unanimously dislike the smell from the traffic along Little London Road and propose a series of benches, which incorporate planting, facing the river. The flowers are intended to mask the smell of the fumes, and being able to see the running river statistically is meant to make people perceive an area as being more clean.

My scenario shows the people from the site and local area who will be involved in this particular intervention, and either the material they will donate, or the skills and knowledge they will bring.

The main intervention will be the kitchen and kitchen garden. The initial idea from the young people is that the kitchen will be a scenting intervention, a relaxed entrance area to the drop-in centre, and a place for baking workshops to take place.

As the project develops, the kitchen becomes a public space which will serve a s cafe to the people working in Norton Hammer and surrounding residents. The young people using SYPS services will be able to volunteer, and in doing so develop baking skills and build their confidence by having a customer facing role. A lot of people might leave school or education and have that long summer feeling like they don’t know what happens next. The cafe will give them a sense of purpose, and give and employment and training opportunity to launch them into a healthy work life. With a relaxed approach to lateness and absenteeism, the cafe will focus on building their confidence.

It will also be a place to sell their work made in the workshops, such as prints or woodcrafts, with all profits going to the charity.

The young people should hopefully feel more confident walking into a public cafe for their sessions, than a drop-in centre with a sign reading ‘mental health services’.

Going Forward…

  • I need to set out why I am developing the place in this way – could be in reaction to another approach?
  • What really drives the project? This should inform the way the kitchen is developed.
  • Keep using the axo diagrams, developing them for the next stages.
  • Reconceptualise the kitchen intervention with core ideas of DaDA

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