Invites with map

While Zoe walked around speaking to the other businesses around Centenary Works, she was told that getting in touch with an architect / council / landlords / events organiser / planner could help too – but preferably a local one that maybe is more in touch with this area. Zoe approached me, and spoke through the ideas she’d had and wasn’t sure if what she wanted to try to do in the area was possible, as she sometimes found it hard to explain; do we want to ‘borrow’ these spots on occasion, temporarily – or treat these spots as permanent hosts? What rules are in place that would affect either option?

Zoe had printed some simple cup sleeve prototype invitations that she would like to propose to the climbing works to use on their take-away cups as a way of drawing attention to these spots as places where stuff can happen, and it would be an oppertunity for spontaneity and fun – ‘the dance of the operculist’.

The dance of the operculist she explains was for her:  “a ‘happening’ that demonstrated not just how we can celebrate the ordinary, but how two types of people can mix, share and learn from each other – and to try to always look at things in a different way, take notice and be curious. Some people I’ve spoken to have asked oh, why? And I say why not? It feels more fun to say why not. It was a bit of fun, maybe a bit silly, but was a moment that symbolised this.”

Maybe they are invitations to an unknown event / activity. The fun could be that you don’t know what will happen. It would be nice to have a bit of mystery, to tap into their curiosity. We thought that these could be used as a way of getting people together to see what they thought about the ideas Zoe, the dancers and the gridders sparked. We could use these to draw people to a demonstration, get them involved in it too and maybe by a ‘show and tell’ we can throw this idea of setting up these hosts out there for people to experience – rather than post up an image of it – getting all their senses involved. Not just by seeing but by moving, talking, feeling and hopefully tickle the sense of humour.




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