Zoe, dance school teacher at Nursery Works, wants to try to use one of the billboards along Woodseats road and is interested in putting up a billboard made with the help of some of the neighbouring workers. In her own searches on how to use and put up a billboard, she found key rules included:

  • keep it clean
  • keep it safe
  • permission from site owner
  • does not obstruct traffic signs
  • can be easily removed

Zoe tried to find out who actually owned some of the unlikely host spots. She first went onto the land registry site, but did not want to pay the fee and wasn’t sure if she needed everything that fee came with. Zoe could find out tenure using the government property search, but boundaries come at a charge so she decided to put the area in the planning portal and by looking through planning application boundary drawings for the Norton Hammer area could get an idea of what parts are owned by the same or different people.

“It took a bit of time and a lot of looking through different drawings to try to get an understanding of who would need to be approached to get anything put up in these spots. I think I will just walk over to the guys at Centenary Works and ask who I could call to get permission. The whole site of Centenary Works seems to be owned by a single person.”


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