Site Specific

Billboard existing

In this image, the existing billboard – a generic billboard that can be found globally – is used as just a ‘noun’ or recognised as just an ‘object’ it is a thing to display advertisements.


Billboard new

In this image, the billboard has been made with the help of many workers from or involved with Norton Hammer. It is a result of an idea, a process, it now is more symbolic of a verb. It is also site-specific in that it is a product of the site.


Above: people and places becoming involved with each other, contributing to the forming of the billboard and the use of the spots as unlikely hosts.

Zoe, dance school teacher: “It was important for me to make something seemingly ordinary become special, even more intricate and carefully made than maybe what is necessary. This is what I took from meeting the Gridders, to celebrate the ordinary. I have here (below) one of the sketches that Robert Sorby showed me when we were discussing it’s design.”

Sorby sketch

Inspired by Miwon Kwon’s writings in ‘One place after another site – specific art and locational identity’.

Kwon, M. (2004). One Place After Another – Site-specific art and locational identity. Cambridge Massachusetts USA, The MIT Press.


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