Come Design With Me

Come design with meOne way to expand the role of myself as the architect in my scenario is to host a dinner party.  After seeing some elements of the scenario starting up (the pedal powered lathe and the rubber band making), I decide to host a dinner party.  I will invite the remaining members of my scenario, as well as those already involved.  In drawing together this seemingly random (to them) group of people, this will encourage them to make links and have discussions that move forward the scenario.  As the host, I will be entering and leaving the room at various points in order to prepare the food, leaving the guests on their own to talk amongst themselves.  In this way, although I may be the more in control at the beginning, throughout the course of the evening hopefully the roles will be reversed as they develop ideas without my presence.

By holding this dinner party after the initial elements of the scenario have commenced,  the intention is that those already involved have some experience of creating the elements and therefore should be more able to help the others.

The role of myself in this situation is to link people who I feel (with my experience) may have things to offer each other without them necessarily realising it, and to nudge their ideas further.  Creative solutions to ‘drawing’ ideas may also be necessary, for example using napkins and table decorations to represent elements of any design.


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