Praxis 2 // Collaboration

For Praxis 2, I will be creating a manifesto for Studio Weave, which I will then go onto critically analyse in the essay.

We really like working with the Makers (Ahn, 2012)

Studio Weave often work really closely alongside artists and crafts people on their projects. Maria Smith believes that Architects should accept they don’t always know everything, for example they don’t always know better than the plumber about pipes. For their project at St Pancras Church Garden, they built up a close relationship with the Woodcarvers and spent a lot of time watching how they work in their studio. Studio Weave then put their trust in the Woodcarvers’ expert skills, and gave them free reign to carve whatever they wanted onto the benches for the garden. Je and Maria believe they got much more fantastic results by allowing the Carvers to put their heart into their work and thus giving them a sense of authorship,

My current idea for my manifesto is to ‘collaborate’ with a maker to craft a small wooden cupboard, which I will then fill with little jars of ingredients. Each ingredient will be a metaphor for an objective, motive or intention of the manifesto, and I’m going to accompany it with a short fairytale – Studio Weave often use story telling in their projects too. The story will be about Je and Maria mixing up these ingredients (back at the beginning when Maria was also a Director) to make a potion which will tame the big bad wolf that is Architecture!

Although I have produced several joinery designs during my time in practice, I accept that I know very little about carpentry compared to those who work from from my drawings and have experience doing the making. Studio Weave like to build a close relationship with the makers they work with, and will even take them to the pub so they can get to know them better. I thought it would make sense to collaborate with a maker I already have a close bond with, my own Dad!


My Dad is not a professional Carpenter but has a lot more experience making things with wood than I do myself, therefore I didn’t design the miniature cupboard but instead let my Dad make it how he thought from my brief (a miniature larder cupboard with a couple of shelves for bottles and jars – and don’t be afraid to make it a bit cute!).

Unlike a lot of architects, we aren’t afraid of being cute and happy. (Smith, 2015)




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