Leading on from the previous post, Site Specific, as the architect I tried to carry the importance of observation (as played by the Gridders) because in order for me and Zoe to re-frame these Unlikely Hosts, we need to know their ‘existing-beings’ first; studying, re-looking, re-testing, to understand these spaces intimately. The devices: ‘Celebrating the ordinary’, intimacy, mystery, interruption, dynamics and re-framing, become methods of process and analysing to develop ideas which will reveal unique opportunities for each host; to ultimately pursue a re-framing that is site-specfic. As the architect I can make these spaces, unlikely hosts, accessible. How could this be done in a way that encourages ‘moments’ to be made here, a ‘happening’ to happen here;

  • encourages people to ask questions; re-frame, re-think, re-look, re-turn.
  • causes an emotional response.
  • invites a physical response.

On re-visiting the sites, I decided to observe each Host first more broadly then re-looked this time taking time to look slowly. It was during this second look that I began to find small ‘clues’ not only to more subtle characteristics like the most common type of litter found (not just litter in general), but also ‘clues’ to what has happened at these Hosts before.

Interim crit_steph_Page_02

At Host one, I photographed the thin metal bars of a piece of portable fencing that is cable tied to old railing where some steps used to be. On looking at the metal bars again, I noticed they had been bent out of shape, pulled apart for maybe someone to squeeze their hand through.

Interim crit_steph_Page_03

Using the photo of this ‘clue’ I sketched over and imagined bars that were designed to be deliberately bendable. Zoe imagined a happening that played with the dynamics of access and the dynamics between ‘audience’ and ‘performer’ the happening would blur these boundaries.

Interim crit_steph_Page_09


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