Studio Four will explore the idea of design as distributed agency. We claim that the ability to design and make change is always shared, and to extend the potential of this is important democratically. This starting point acknowledges that designers are operating in interdependent economic, social, political, technical and cultural networks. We also understand that the materials with which we design are not passive- they are acting on, with, and in response to our gestures and decisions as a designer.

We are interested in the process of design as one of making/ remaking/ repairing/ modifying/ hacking/ and crafting with others, both human and non-human. We consider those who design, occupy and use buildings, objects and spaces to have the potential to do so in creative and even subversive ways.

As a Studio we will be intervening in local and social specificities- and therefore we will be making close explorations and careful mappings, through time.

Together, Studio Four will do this through developing project scenarios that draw on the past, explore the present and speculate about potential futures.